Can EMS Belts Like The Flex Belt Help You Build A Core?

Flex Belt

How can the flex belt help you build a stronger core?

This is undoubtedly a question that is askedĀ  by many. Do EMS, electronic muscle stimulation belts like the Flex Belt deliver what they claim? As we look for ways to slim our waistline, we often look toward devices when dieting alone does not suffice.

Let’s answer the original question from above.

The technology used in EMS belts has been around for quite some time. Electronic muscle stimulation is often used in sports medicine and patient recovery. The degree at which it helps really depends on the type of recovery they are going through. But, many studies report positive results.

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How does the Flex Belt work?

The Flex Belt is somewhat of a sister product to the Slendertone that is produced by a company known as BMR. They are well known in the industry for their high quality standards. The Flex Belt uses the exact same muscle stimulation technology as medical grade instruments.

It works by sending electrical impulses to stimulate muscles and mimic the expansion and contraction of them that you would experience through normal exercise. Many users report having tighter abs after an EMS workout.

Does the Flex Belt Work?

There are a lot of flex belt reviews out there that will blatantly tell you that all ab belts work wonders. The reality is that none of these devices will do anyone any good without proper diet and exercise – period, end of story.

However, they can be helpful for people who are foll0wing a good clean diet and regular exercise routines. We also believe the use of EMS ab belts are also ideal for people who have injuries that are preventing them from performing normal exercises.

For example, someone who has sustained a back injury may benefit from an ab belt if they have restricted motion or lack the core strength needed for normal exercise. It is advisable that a doctor be consulted in these instances, but it may prove to be beneficial.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Steer clear of ab belts that promise the moon and opt for one that at least has official FDA clearance like the Flex Belt. be wary of ab belts claiming this status as well since as-of writing this article only the Flex Belt is FDA cleared. What this means is that you can buy knowing that the device is safe to use.

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